Andrew Campbell

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with a first class Computer Science degree from the University of Leeds. I am currently working at the digital loyalty startup Loyalzoo

Know The 92

A mobile game I created using CoffeeScript and PhoneGap that is available on both Windows Phone and Android.

Remote Care

A solution to allow family members to care for dementia sufferers. Allowing scheduling of music, photo and television events to improve quality of life. I architected and built the solution.

Final Year Project

A Facebook mobile application using built with PhoneGap to show how mobile apps can use less data. I used MQTT for this and was able to offer a 70% data reduction in comparison with the official Facebook app.

Blue Fusion - IBM

A project to develop activities to teach secondary school students about STEM subjects. I developed a platform to enable games written in Java to interact with an Arduino.

Act +Addons

A company I set up to sell software that collected VAT exemption codes for people using Actinic shopping cart software. This looks dated now but I learnt a lot in the process.